Sunday, November 22, 2009

Under the radar

I bought myself one of these little toys: USB LED Message Board
Disgusted with the app that came with it (can you spell CPU hog?) I reverse engineered the app and have posted source code to talk to it here.

This is written in C#, if you are one of those "I'm too hardcore to code in C#" people, you should be hardcore enough to translate it into C/C++... :)

In other news I have been working furiously with the Vice dev team (what a great bunch!) to get the SDL dingo port ready as an official port from the next (2.2) release. Hopefully we'll make it.
(Big shout-out to Nojoopa for all his help)

As far as the zipit goes, not to much to tell. Once the building is complete on the house and I can move back into my study, I'll get hacking on it again.


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