Sunday, January 10, 2010

sweetlilmre's tips to make your dev life suck less, part #1

Disclaimer: The title might suggest that I invented or this originated this stuff in some way. I certain DID NOT :) Just some good reading I have done lately. And thanks to JonH for some of the links and discussion.

Dependency Injection:

JonH (a mate of mine from work) and I have been having some very interesting chats on Dependency Injection, Inversion of Control and other bits and pieces.

What this had made me realize is that there are some very simple development concepts (dressed up in frightening terms like Dependency Injection!) that really make your life easier if you practice them. Some of this stuff you pick up as a dev as you go along but formalizing the concept as soon as possible is only going to help you.

So start off by reading this:

Then ask yourself if you understand what Design by Contract means and how using interfaces applies and to and works with DI to make your life easier. Then have a look at this:

Which gives a nice round off to the DI discussion. This also seems like a great blog to follow generally.

This is all building up to unit testing and mocking, but we'll get to that later :)