Monday, September 21, 2009


Well yes, very slack am I. But I've been really busy in the background!!

Anyway lame excuses aside, I have a fullspeed port of Vice working on the Dingoo and am working with the Vice devs to integrate support into the main Vice tree, which is nice.

I see that much has been happening on the Zipit front! Hopefully Aliosa27 will get hold of me and I can merge his/her (?) work into the SVN tree. Come on people, get onto the #zipit channel on freenode so that we can co-ordinate all of this! :)

Again apologies for all the slackness, RL has me by the curlies.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Just managed to get an alpha port of Vice (the C64 emulator) onto the Dingoo A320.
I am awaiting news approval on but you can get it to try it out: here.

I have managed to fix a few more issues with it since the alpha release and hope to have a beta shortly. MarbleMadness at 50fps with sound (sometimes :)) ROCKS!