Tuesday, July 27, 2010

[Dingux] OpenTyrian Save and High Score entry

I've started adding code for a limited kind of virtual keyboard.
This should allow save games names and high score entry in OpenTyrian.

So far it seems to be working for save games but I need to clean it up a bit and get it to work as a generic text entry mechanism.

Stay tuned, hopefully this will be finished before I depart overseas for a week.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Dingux OpenTyrian release

Here is an optimised build of OpenTyrian that plays full speed with sound. This archive ONLY contains the executable: opentyrian.dge, please overwrite your old tyrian executable or get the datafiles if you do not have them from:

OpenTyrian @ GoogleCode

LinkOther changes:
  • Key mapping now works (segfault in code fixed)
  • Key mapping now swaps keys if an in-use key is chosen
  • SDL mouse cursor removed
  • Soft mouse cursor removed from upgrade etc. screens
  • Display is centred
These fixes also apply to the GP2X version and the patches have been applied to HEAD in the mercurial dev tree so feel free to build your own :)

Get it from the GP2X.com archive.