Monday, April 13, 2009

New OE build!

Please disregard the previous posts about building OE.
I now have a project set up on SF.

Quick start:

  • In a term in your home folder:
svn co
  • Then:
cd oe
  • Then:
  • Then:
wait :)

Read the README, it has a lot of important info about building sucessful images!

More soon


  1. I think I've followed all the directions, but the image I make boots and just sits there at "taking root...." any ideas?

  2. when i type “bitbake base-image” it gives me an error:
    ERROR: Unable to parse conf/bitbake.conf: ParseError at conf/bitbake.conf:377: unparsed line: ‘IMAGE_EXTRA_SPACE = 10240′
    what do i do?
    did i miss something?

    1. Hi,

      The OpenEmbedded code base has moved so far since I worked on this that it is almost certain that these scripts won't work anymore.

      Unfortunately the level of effort required to maintain concurrency with OE is huge and I don't have the time to pursue this anymore.

      This does seem to be a bitbake issue, so the best I can suggest is that you check your bitbake vs. openembedded versions, perhaps you need to update BB to something later?

  3. Change to: IMAGE_EXTRA_SPACE = "10240"